Pukka-j offers a complete range of healthcare imaging and reporting solutions covering every aspect of diagnostic case management for radiology, cardiology, molecular imaging and radiotherapy across both acute and community service healthcare providers.

With highly customisable, enterprise-wide to departmental solutions, our ability to listen to our customers needs, keep abreast of technology trends, and to think outside the box have all been key to our product development.

Free DICOM tools

Pukka-j has published this collection of useful, web-based, DICOM tools that are free to use. For enquiries regarding any of our enterprise products please feel free to contact us.

DICOM to HTML inspector
A DICOM file inspector that displays all of the group, tag and DICOM file metadata. Sequence items are indented for readability. The image data element displays a non-diagnostic copy of the image. DICOM files containing JPEG 2000 encoded data will require the user to agree to running a Java applet for decoding the images. JPEG-LS encoded data is not currently compatible with this tool. 

Free Javascript Widgets

Pukka-j has published this collection of smart Javascript widgets that are free to use.

Analogue clock

Digital clock

Calendar & date picker